Living and working in polluted urban environments

The Project

We are a group of six graduate students from The New School university in New York. We are exploring the daily experience of living and working in a polluted urban context.

 The purpose of this collaborative media and research project is to attempt to bring a social storytelling approach to the discourse of environmental justice, the right to self-representation, and an analysis of the role of inequality. More specifically, we want to understand how communities living and working along the Matanza-Riachuelo river basin perceive their identities and roles in society.

We have three major themes of focus:

  1. The relationship between women and informal settlements.
  2. How urban infrastructure affects the growth and development of children.
  3. How changing business practices have impacted environmental development.

We want our production to be a process that provides a space for the voices of the affected communities to be heard. Their representation in media may affect the sense of identity among these communities. We are attempting to be honest and reflexive in our filmmaking and research to acknowledge our role in the process of storytelling and gathering data.  Pollution is the legacy of centuries of industrial activity. The people living and working along this river have paid the consequences and have stories to share.

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